What operating systems are supported?
-Windows XP 32bit (pro) (tested ok)
-Windows Vista 32bit (tested ultimate version ok)
-Windows Vista 64bit (tested ultimate version ok)
-Windows 7 32bit (not tested)
-Windows 7 64bit (not tested, reported to work for some players)

Windows 7 users still cannot play until i find someone or getting myself win7 to test out things...if someone manage to get torment work in windows 7, email me so we can possibly solve this issue.

How i install game successfully?
-Install offical RYL1 client v557 to "\program files\CIB\RYL"
-Install RYL Torment Full Patch to same folder above

When i run game first time, what i should do?
-Go to your ryl folder where you installed game and run file ClientSetup.exe and set graphics
-Start game from desktop icon or run file Login.exe
-It may popup firewall each time you start game (if you use firewall) so you need to click "ALLOW" to enter in game normally

I got error "Please run Login.exe" how to solve it?
-Sometimes when you lauch game first time it update gameguard longer...try lauch game again.

I can get to login screen but i get error "Patch not installed properly" how to solve that?
-its possible your client has files that are not supported by torment client.
-if you installed client and patch properly, there could be reason that you use different (unsupported) gameguard server.
-also it may be possible your folder path in registry is not same where your torment is installed.
-See also server status if server is running because you get same error if server is down for maintenenace.
(to solve these problems, look below)

How to make sure i dont use wrong gameguard?
-open file called "hosts" from your "windows\system32\drivers\etc\" folder (use notepad)
-check that there is not line like " nprotect.runup.com.hk"
-if there is line like that, remove it and save and try again

I have problem using offical gameguard, can i host my own gameguard server?
-Yes you can host it yourself...you need to have webserver running in your pc
-when you have webserver working, you need to download our "GameGuard server files"
-Extract zip package to your website root and edit your "Hosts" file (see above) and add line nprotect.runup.com.hk and save
-you should have now working gameguard server that you can host yourself
-you can also use RYL Torment gameguard server if offical server is down...in that case, change Hosts ip to

(if you have been already hosting your own gameguard successfully with other servers, just add our gameguard server files to your webserver)

If offical gameguard server is down, can i use other host to play game?
-Yes we offer also gameguard server if offical nprotect server is in maintenance
-edit your Hosts file (see above) and add line nprotect.runup.com.hk ..and save.

I get some gameguard errors before login screen
-that might cause if you have just exit from game...just wait few min and try again.
-if that doesnt help, try to reboot your computer
-if methods above fails, there may be programs running in your computer that may be reason

How i edit folder in registry?
-You can run regedit and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GAMASOFT\MP-Client(MY)\ and edit value "Folder"
-Default value for Torment is \Program Files\CIB\RYL

Can i run RYL with custom resolutions?
-Yes you can change resolution in example like 1920x1200
-You need to edit registry for that (from location above) and change width and height decimal values
(in example if you want 1920x1200 you edit width to 1920 (780 in hex) and height to 1200 (4b0 in hex)

I get error about character model CZ3D...how i fix it?
-If your patch is installed properly, reason is that your folder in registry is different than folder you installed Torment to...To fix that, edit path in registry (see above)
-Other reason is that your client files has some extra character models that are not supported by Torment client. In that case, delete your RYL folder, install client and full patch again.

I get some other error and cannot go to login screen
-You can try to install visual c distibution package (vcredist_x86.exe included in patch, find from your RYL folder)
-You can try to use Login(vista).exe (if you are using vista and not logged as administrator)

Cannot respawn, cannot attack to other players in arena and such...
-relaunch your client again it will fix most bugs.